¿ What is Naturhouse? The 3 pillars of the Method.

Naturhouse mission is to re-educate our customers in their eating habits to help them achieve their "health weight", and to teach them how to maintain it. Our methodology is based on the implementation of our own differentiated method, called the "Naturhouse Method"

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How to lose weight in a healthy way

In order to lose weight there are mainly two options: the fast and less healthy one, in which meals and nutrients are suppressed, so results are achieved in the short term but also quickly recovered, or the slower reasonable and healthy one in which a balanced diet is maintained but calories intake is restricted and exercise is promoted.

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Properties and benefits of the artichoke, the best ally in your diet.

Many of us are at fault of saying we are ‘stressed’ at some point during our day without understanding the real meaning behind the word . Maybe our ‘to do’ list just doubled in length or a tight deadline just got moved even closer.

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